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The process of transforming our bodies requires grit, dedication and sacrifice, because these are the ingredients to build greatness.

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Learn how to safely and effectively do all the exercises required for our workout programs.

Habits & Discipline

Obtaining an ideal physique is not limited to physical effort alone. It also comprises establishing good habits through focus and discipline. There are five basic principles which will help you reach your fitness goals.

Why Rest Days Matter

They allow your body to recover from intense workouts. Rest day allows body to recover and repair to reap the benefit of their hard work. And also your body gets some time to adapt and strengthen.

Benefits of Exercise on The Brain

Exercise is a form of self care which can help many battle the symptoms of mental health. It can help reduce the level of stress, negative thoughts and feelings and can also improve ones body image and self esteem.


Sandy Dosanjh is not a physician, or registered dietitian. The content of this website should not be considered as medical advice – the intent is not to diagnose or treat any health problems. We ask you to always consult your physician in any matters regarding your health. By taking part in our programs, you are accepting full responsibility for your actions. All documents and communication exchanged between Fit Bloom and the client are not to be copied or sold or distributed without the consent of the Fit Bloom team.


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